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 19 Dec 2016 - 21 Dec 2016

G16-Asian: 5th International chalcogen conference

For G-16 Asian, we welcome your contributions in wide range of Chalcogen-based research themes, that covers the following: novel (bio)conversions of chalcogen and metals, chalcogen-metal interactions, analytical techniques, (bio)reactor systems, speciation of chalcogen, production of chalcogen nanoparticles, role of metals in biodegradation, and other emerging research areas for application. Special emphasis will also be placed […]



 16 Dec 2016 - 17 Dec 2016

International Conference on Green Trends in Environmental Sustainability

Can mankind adapt to the changes in environment caused by global climate change? Will mankind be wise enough to protect our planet for future generations? Climate change is real, the actions of mankind are the origin of climate change, and there is no way to reverse climate change- we can only hope to slow the […]