International academic and research conference

International academic and research conference is a great thing to attend for researchers, students and other academicians. It’s knowledge hub. This place allows you to share your research knowledge with other people and you have the opportunity to learn from them too. Take part in discussions, ask questions and try to engage other people during […]

Academic conferences 2017 – How to Search Latest Conferences Cleverly?

Academic conferences in 2017. Your search for latest and upcoming academic conferences in your area of research is going to be end here. At “All Conference Alert”, you can find a great amount of conferences in different subjects and themes are listed in the conference directory. This online conference database is also a great place […]

Conference in India – How to Find Real Academic Conferences

Conference in India for academic purposes is very common these days. We are seeing a lot of National as well as International academic conferences are being held in various cities of this country. The most popular cities for academic conferences are Chennai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune etc. If you are a resident of India […]

International conferences in Engineering

International conferences in engineering subjects helps the engineering students, researchers and other academicians like faculties in the advancement in their career. Joining a conference for the first time also has a lot of advantages for engineering students. Even if you are not presenting a paper there and your role is just as a visitor, you […]

Worldwide Conferences

Worldwide conferences alert is your all in one solution for latest and upcoming conference search. Researchers, students and other academicians search for upcoming conferences regularly. This regular search takes a lot of time and they need a tool for this. Worldwide conferences alert is a such an online tool that can solve this problem. It […]

Upcoming conferences in Your Research Theme. How to Find Them?

“Upcoming conferences alert” is the best way to find academic conferences in your area of research. This is a free service by “All Conference Alert”. It sends regular emails those contain information about upcoming academic conferences. Just open the email and get the details. Click on the link to get more detailed information. You can […]

International Conference Alert & It’s Benefits

International conference alert keeps you updated with latest upcoming conferences. You need to subscribe to the conference database for receiving regular alert regarding any new and upcoming conference. The filter option in the subscription form enables you to customize your subscription and you can get information about the latest conferences only in your area of […]

Upcoming Conferences 2017

Upcoming conferences 2017 is going to be a trending keyword in search engines like Google, Yahoo, & Bing very soon. As you search about this more and more, it will go strong on search networks and also in other social media networks too. 2017 is going to be a year of some of the best […]

Upcoming National Conferences

Upcoming national conferences information in India for the year 2017 is available on “All Conference Alert”. These National conferences are not so much different from the International conferences. The major difference is the participating people. While International conferences have attendees from all over the World, National conferences are limited to the host country. All the […]

UGC Approved Journals – Why Should You Care About This?

It is marked that the UGC’s list can only be a starting point. It is to prepare a more complete and broad list that, on the one hand, does not exclude few prestigious journals and, on the other hand, does not include international/national journals simply because they only claim to have a peer-review process. UGC […]

Academic Conferences in India – 5 Major Points to Find Best Academic Conference

Academic Conferences are very important for researchers, students and other academicians. Not only these conferences provide them chances to present their research papers but also there is a good opportunity for learning new things. Academic conferences consist of some of the great minds of your industry and one should never miss a chance to listen […]

Upcoming Seminars and Conferences

Upcoming Seminars and Conferences Upcoming Seminars and Conferences information for your research paper presentation is now available easily and even inside your pocket. Yes, I am talking about your smart-phone. Just browse and get latest and upcoming academic conferences details. The website is perfectly built to support all mobile browsers along with desktop computers. […]

Upcoming Conference Alerts – How it Killed the Online Conference Search

Upcoming conference alerts have changed the way of conference search. You may say it killed the online conference search. Yes, after using conference alert service, you don’t feel the need of searching conferences manually with the help of online search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. As the conference alert service is free of […]

Upcoming International Conferences

Upcoming International Conferences search is always one of the top trending search phrases for conference aspirants. Researchers, students and other academicians understand the need of attending academic conferences in their career. So it’s necessary to search some good academic conferences in your area of research and then selecting the best one to attend. A lot […]

Academic Conferences Alerts

Academic conferences alerts by “” is a great way to stay updated about latest and upcoming academic conferences. Getting fresh conference information was never so easy. Also this process saves a lot of time. You don’t need to visit the conference listing sites or no need to search through all over the internet. Just subscribe […]

All Conference Alert – The Best Solution for All Your Conference Need

All conference information you need can be available for free in your email. The service “All Conference Alert” delivers information about all major and popular upcoming conferences to your email inbox. This is a free service and you don’t need to pay anything. By providing you all the details you need, it saves a great […]

Few Tips for Successful Academic Paper Presentations

One of the best ways to stand out at an academic conference is to give a better presentation. If you have ever been to an academic conference, you should be able to see the point. The best part of presentations at conferences is not very good. This makes it quite easy for you to be […]

5 Helpful Tips on Choosing the Best Guest Speaker for Your Conference

When you think of a guest speaker for your upcoming conference, you imagined the speaker to fulfil all your objectives. But in the real world, this doesn’t happen and it’s a very tough task to find the right person as your guest speaker and having the ability to fulfil all your tasks. So, how to […]